Lost a ring on Maui?

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Maui Metal Detecting is a full service metal detecting recovery business that will search for lost rings or other lost jewelry anywhere on Maui.  Although Maui Metal Detecting will search anywhere, we specialize in searching in waterfall pools, the sandy beaches, the surf and under the ocean water to a depth of sixty feet.

Maui has specific conditions that make using most standard metal detectors difficult which can often lead to less than desirable recover results.  Maui Metal Detecting has invested over $30,000 in equipment specifically designed for metal detecting in the coastal conditions found on Maui.

Most metal detecting specialists will only search in the water to a depth of about chest deep. If you have lost your ring in three or four feet of water, we have learned through training and experience that wave action and currents can often move your ring to much deeper depths. Some metal detecting specialists will try to search deeper than chest deep by diving under the water and simply holding their breath. Maui Metal Detecting is the only advertised jewelry recover business on Maui that utilizes scuba gear in deeper water which allows us to stay on the bottom where your ring is.

Some metal detecting specialists will also attempt to use a compressor system (sometimes called a snuba device) that floats in a tube to search in deeper water but these devices are dangerous in rough surf conditions. Maui Metal Detecting actually owns one of the top of the line floating compressor systems but we have only been able to safely use the device twice safely. Maui Metal Detecting has found that scuba diving along with our metal detectors is the safest and most effective way to search for a ring lost in water deeper than chest deep.

Maui Metal Detecting wants your ring or other lost item recovered for you as there is no greater feeling than to return a lost ring or or piece of jewelry to it’s rightful owned. No matter who you choose to help find your ring, Maui Maui Detecting highly recommends that for water searches, you ask any metal detecting specialist you contact how deep they will search and but more importantly, how they intend to accomplish the search for your ring.

As you will read in our testimonials, one woman found out personally how experience and specialized equipment makes all the difference. She had lost her $23,000 wedding rings and had solicited a metal detector specialist to locate the ring. When that specialist was unable to find her ring Mac was requested to search the exact same area the other specialist had and within twenty minutes Mac was able to return her ring to her.