10-17-15 Thank God for Mac! The nicest guy came to our rescue and found Dreksler's ring! After an hour and a half of combing the beach after the worst rain storm we've seen, Mac found the ring!!! What a great day and amazing story we will never forget. We cannot thank you enough!!! MMD #2 10-17-15
Mac Found My Ring
0/27/2014 We were with a group at a pool under a waterfall on the "Road to Hana." Mac was there diving trying to find a lost ring for someone. He was so thoughtful and courteous suggesting VERY strongly that I take off my recently acquired wedding ring and have a friend hold it before hitting the really cold water. I took his advise and he told our group, staying on shore, that he would stand ready to jump in to help me if the super cold water took me by surprise, All turned out great and Mac was there ready to help us over the rocks. What a great ambassador for Hawaii! Thanks, Mac, for saving us from having a potentially devastating experience. No lost ring!! And we got to swim under a waterfall in Hawaii!! Thanks, Mac, for being such a caring person!! Becky M North Royalton, OR
Mac Is An Ambassador for Hawaii

Ring found within 24 hours of being lost in 9 feet of water in a jungle pool buried underneath a waterfall 3/4 of the way up to Hana.

I can't begin to express my gratitude to Mac who was able to find my 7 day old wedding band lost on the road to Hana. I went for a swim in a fairly large jungle pool with a waterfall pouring into it and my band slipped off my finger near the back of the pool in 9 ft. of water. My wife and I were on our honeymoon and this caused major pain for both of us until we called Mac who assured us he would go search for it the next day. As promised, he made it up to the pool and found the ring within hours buried under rocks and about 9 feet of water. He literally saved my honeymoon! Mac is ultra professional, courteous, and damn good at his job.  I recommend Maui Metal Detectors for any precious object recovery needed while in Maui.

Jeff M. Vancouver, BC Canada

Found Ring at Three Bears Falls
Ring Found for Tourist in Waterfall Pool
Ring Found In Jungle Waterfall

I was on Maui last month for my honeymoon when I lost my blue and white diamond my wedding ring in the ocean. I was at Charlie Young Beach paddle boarding for the first time and after falling off my board I realized that my ring was gone. The water was over my head and I was just frantic that I had just lost my wedding ring.  I was so upset when I made it to shore but the kindest woman who said she worked for the police department saw how upset I was and came over to try and comfort me. She then referred me to Mac with Maui Metal Detecting who came out and met with us.  After talking to Mac he went to his vehicle and returned wearing scuba gear and carrying a metal detector.  Mac went out and spent over an hour under water looking for my ring but came ashore saying he had not found it.  I thought my last glimmer of hope at retrieving my ring was gone but even though darkness was approaching Mac told me to relax as he was not done yet.  Mac went to his truck and got a new air tank, a flash light and with his detector went right back out into the water.  About 30 minutes later Mac came out of the water with a huge smile on his face as he was holding my wedding ring in his hand.  Mac found my ring in ten feet of water and it was still perfect. Thank you so much Mac, you were so kind and understanding, you are the greatest.
Jayme F

photo 2

photo 2
Mac Found My Wedding Ring In 10 Feet Of Water
I was visiting Maui for my honeymoon when I lost my wedding ring, just 1 week after my wedding! My wife & I were swimming in a pool at the bottom of a waterfall on the Road to Hana when I noticed it came off. I figured it was long gone but decided to finally give Mac a call a few days later (actually when I was back in NJ). He was great to work with and very accommodating to my wishes given that it was not a convenient place to search for them and that the value of my ring was not huge. We stayed in frequent contact and sure enough he sent me a pic of my ring a few days after I initially reached out. Exchanging payment was very simple and he shipped my ring to my apartment in NJ and supplied me with all the tracking info needed. My ring is back on my finger as I type this review and my wife is thrilled to say the least. Needless to say I was very pleased with Mac and Maui Metal Detecting and would highly recommend them if you are in the unfortunate situation to need their services. Thanks Mac! John K.   photo 1
photo 1
Mac Found My Ring In A Waterfall Pool